Saturday, March 7, 2020

Florida Bar Essay Topics of the Past Year

Florida Bar Essay Topics of the Past YearFlorida bar essays are due to be submitted on March 1st of every year, in order to meet the state's deadline for legal professionals. Students often assume that this is a time to sit down and rehash the same material over again, but it really isn't! A good plan for Florida bar essay topics of the past year includes the following five suggestions, although you might be surprised at how much you can use them in your own essay!On January 8th, you wrote in a story about a trip to your local hair salon. It's no surprise that, like so many stories about being on vacation, you got more laughs than anything else. You said you had a hard time dealing with people who weren't happy to see you or wanted to ask a favor of you. Your introduction also gave some flavor to your style, since you talk about being a 'wannabe' comedian who loves to 'earn a living off of the internet'.You left your thoughts at a coffee shop on January 6th. The topic may have been s omething about 'cover your ears' and how it could come across as offensive if you had a bullhorn in your ear. You also seemed to be saying that there are moments that are really uncomfortable, such as when a fellow server of your bar told you he didn't like you, or you saw your friend-of-a-friend, who called himself 'the other', ignoring you at the tables.You talked about the legal industry at the Humana Grand Prix on January 5th. You mentioned how the law job market is changing, and how you are trying to be prepared. You're always very conscious of what is around you and know that it can change or may change in the future.You described the fun time you had going to a swingers'party on December 24th. Like so many of the best articles, you asked readers to think about what they found so funny.Suggest another topic, and use the ideas that came out of that one. If you can't find any subjects you can work on, try to imagine a blog about you and what you do. Perhaps that will help to wri te a good first draft!Writing is a collaborative process, and you are only allowed to add one line for each article you write. If you found a good topic in a past year, consider using it again! You never know, one of these topics will be a favorite topic for future years to come!

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